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Krystof is the Czech UN Youth Delegate, lawyer and an activist focusing on human rights, climate crisis and LGBTQ+ equality. In his advocacy, he brings the Gen-Z and queer perspectives into traditionally patriarchal and gerontocratic spaces, recently he has been appointed as the youngest Member of the Czech Government’s Committee on LGBTQ+ rights. Krystof graduated with a Masters of Laws from SciencesPo Paris with the main focus on EU law and human rights law. Throughout his studies, he focused on the governance of human rights and how they are affected by politics. Krystof wrote his Thesis, on the topic of LGBTQ+ rights backsliding in Hungary and the role of EU law and political scapegoating. Krystof has been volunteering primarily in youth NGOs for the last nine years but has also done a traineeship at the European Parliament, and interned at the Czech Government. At the moment, Krystof focuses on advocating for stronger protection from hate speech and hate crime online for all marginalized youth. Going forward, Krystof wants to focus on uniting the youth equality advocates in the Czech Republic to achieve meaningful progressive change.
Where to see Kryštof?
Keynote (EN): Why LGBTQ+ inclusion matters Panel Discussion (EN): LGBTQ+ HR specific
11:25 AM - 12:10 PM CET